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Privacy, control and flexibility with LANs from MLR

Create a Local Area Network (LAN) precisely tailored to the needs of your premises.

Discover how a LAN could empower your organisation

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Design and build

No two organisations are the same, and no two LANs created by MLR are the same either.

We design and build your LAN around your needs – today and into the future, ensuring that you can add new devices and seamlessly scale your network as you grow. We interconnect not just your computers and mobiles, but any smart and connected devices across your premises. We design and build LANs for a wide variety of organisations, ensuring that their networks are true enablers of business success.

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Fully managed LAN services

Your LAN underpins your business operations – downtime is not an option. But monitoring and managing your LAN on an ongoing basis, isolating problems before they have an impact and ensuring the network can copy with changing demands and growing numbers of devices can be a major undertaking.

For organisations who wish to outsource these processes, MLR can tailor a fully managed LAN service to suit. We can take responsibility for any and all tasks related to your LAN components, including active monitoring, fault localisation and resolution, patches and upgrades, procurement and provisioning. We can manage relationships with your suppliers and training for your staff. Whatever your needs, our fully managed LAN services will give you total peace of mind.

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Benefits of LAN
solutions from MLR

  • Unlock collaboration across your organisation with seamless data-sharing
  • Add any connected device to your LAN, from smartphones and computers to smart building devices and entertainment system
  • Harness virtualisation to segment your network with no major infrastructure changes