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Connectivity to keep the transport industry moving

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Benefits of our solutions for the transport sector

From bus operators to airports, taxi fleets to railways, transport providers require robust and reliable connectivity, always. MLR’s solutions for the transportation industry drive a raft of benefits:

  • Operational efficiency: Our networks enable drivers, dispatchers, back office and support staff to communicate seamlessly and reliably, whether scheduling and dynamically re-routing services, maintaining fleets, or getting vital information to passengers.
  • Safety: We help transport providers to prevent accidents through predictive vehicle maintenance and intelligent, dynamic route planning.
  • Intelligence: Through Cisco Connected Mass Transit we enable transport operators to collect data from across their fleets and network infrastructures, harnessing this to make tangible long-term and immediate decisions.
  • Passenger experience: Our networks get vital information to your passengers on vehicles and in stations, creating a more responsive and passenger-centric service.

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Intent based networking specialists

Collaborative Workforce

Empower your workers with the real-time data and alerts they need to solve problems more quickly and more intelligently. Equip them with the tools they need to keep operations running efficiently at all times.

MLR deploys the latest workforce enablement solutions from Cisco, granting your workers access to the intelligence they need anytime, anywhere. From augmented reality solutions and remote assistance to guide workers through complex tasks, to mobility solutions which foster smarter communications across the factory floor, we will help you foster a truly collaborative workforce.

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Meeting passenger
demand with WiFi 6

No matter how they are travelling, passengers today expect the same high-performance wireless connectivity on the move as they do at home or in the office. MLR helps transport providers offer this in vehicles and at stations, optimising passenger experience.

We help you harness travellers’ mobile devices to offer new forms of marketing and promotions, and to better understand the demand for your services. Respond to passenger needs and behaviours – today and into the future – and drive your transport business forward.

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