MLR Network’s new partnership with Verkada is bringing powerful, intuitive security solutions to our customers

Demonstrating its continued commitment to providing innovative technologies to enterprise clients, MLR Networks is delighted to announce its new partnership with Verkada. MLR Networks has added the full line of VERKADA security camera solutions to its physical security offering.

Verkada is modernising the world of enterprise physical security by building video surveillance systems that are simple to deploy, maintain and scale across multiple sites. Verkada’s hybrid-cloud system features intelligent cameras with built-in solid-state storage and object detection software (including facial recognition and people search).

Verkada All Devices

James Wilkie, Sales Director, MLR Networks comments on the new partnership: “From intuitive software and sophisticated hardware to Artificial Intelligence-enabled capabilities such as face search and heatmaps, Verkada is setting a new standard in video security for the today’s businesses.

“Partnering with Verkada, MLR Networks can now implement enterprise-grade surveillance and access control solutions with capabilities well beyond the offerings of traditional CCTV providers. Expanding our portfolio into physical security is a logical next step with Verkada, since it’s a hybrid cloud system that can be monitored 24×7 from our UK based Network Operations Centre.”



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