Implementing Verkada’s COVID-19 Response Suite to facilitate a safer office environment

Minimising exposure to Covid-19 in the office is a priority for all employers and many are turning to technology to facilitate a safer office environment.

Verkada Inc., the global leader in cloud-based physical security, has been working closely with leading organisations as they develop plans to create safer working environments and protect against COVID-19.

Verkada’s COVID-19 Response Suite leverages its powerful edge-based computing capabilities to provide teams with increased visibility and insights into what is happening across their organisation.

Verkada releases COVID-19 response suite includes:

Motion Plotting: A view of real-time motion displayed as a heatmap showing activity as it occurs across an organisation’s floor plans, enabling teams to know where to monitor activity.

Crowd Notifications: Instant alerts for when cameras detect a number of people in-frame that meet or exceed a predetermined threshold, ensuring teams can prevent crowding and spread of disease.

Contact Tracing with Face Search: Quickly search for all relevant footage containing a match for a person’s face—even while wearing a mask—to detect affected individuals.

People Heatmaps: A view of historical people-based activity that has occurred throughout an organisation against their floor plans, allowing teams to distribute locations prone to crowding, as well as enhancing cleaning and sanitation.

Custom Schedules: Easily manage a return-to-work plan by creating custom schedules for giving employees access to the building and specific doors at certain times.


Verkada COVID-19 response suite

With these new features, both essential organisations and existing customers can continue to leverage their existing Verkada devices to plan and continue to respond to the pandemic while keeping both employees and guests safe.

“The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how Verkada’s software updates adapt to changing environmental factors,” comments James Wilkie, Sales Director, MLR Networks. “The Verkada video surveillance system stays one step ahead by finding new ways to facilitate employee safety. To meet social distancing and contact tracing needs, new features include Face Search, People Heatmaps, and Crowd Notifications.”

Choosing the right Verkada partner

You want to ensure that your business is implementing Verkada products in a way that allows you to take full advantage of the benefits and hit the ground running. Therefore, it’s important that your installation partner understands your business and how Verkada products can enhance your existing security. Now that MLR Networks is an authorised Verkada partner, you can be sure receive the quality consulting and professional services so that installation goes smoothly, and you reap maximum benefits of your Verkada estate from the outset.



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