Server room monitoring and how MLR Networks and Verkada can help

Server room monitoring and how MLR Networks and Verkada can help

If you’re starting a new business or upgrading your computing power, you’re probably investing in on-prem server deployment. And with that investment comes the requirement of protecting your new data warehouse from theft, hacking and the elements. Even more, you might need to track all this remotely. If you’re interested in learning more about server room monitoring and how MLR Networks can help; read on.

Why do you need to monitor your server room?

The average server room costs around £5k in hardware for an SME and thousands in monthly maintenance and running costs. Verkada states, “Sometimes regarded as an MDF or IDF closet, server rooms contain some of the most critical and valuable assets of any organization. This can include anything from server racks, access control systems, telecommunications and, not to mention, highly sensitive information hosted on on-site servers.” So, you need to know if you’re getting hacked or unauthorised persons are accessing your critical data. You’ll also want to protect your systems from the elements and accidents. That’s why server room monitoring is now a multi-billion-pound business.

Things to monitor for…

Environmental monitoring products enable you to actively monitor the conditions in your rack, server room, data centre or anywhere else you need to protect critical assets. The conditions monitored include extreme temperatures, humidity, power spikes and surges, water leaks, smoke, and chemical materials. With proper environmental monitoring, you’re alerted to any condition that could have an adverse effect on your mission-critical equipment. These products can also alert you to potential damage from human error, hacking or prying fingers. Usually, this is done through a network of sensors. Those sensors track the air quality, humidity and temp, any motion and occupancy plus noise level. And the best options are all accessible from a cloud-based interface.

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How MLR Networks deploying a Verkada solution can support

Verkada SV11 sensors and cameras are useful for:

  • Protecting sensitive equipment from fluctuating temperature, humidity, air quality, noise levels, and disruptive motion.
  • Allowing cloud-based access to the video feed and live recordings.
  • Ensuring air conditioning and air filtration systems are working at optimum in server rooms including alerts for PM 2.5, temp, humidity and TVOC sensors.
  • Alerting if there is unauthorised access or concerning noise levels in the server room.
  • Detecting new potentially damaging substances from human actions like smoking and vaping in the server room.

Why it’s great for remote operations

As many teams go remote, there’s not always regular on-site IT team access to server rooms. But this valuable data still needs protecting. TechCrunch reports that these tools, and the ability to access all the data about a building remotely in the cloud, obviously have seen even more utility during the pandemic.

With Verkada, remote IT technicians can monitor the server room in real-time plus receive critical advanced warnings of failure. This gives them more time to mount a response and deploy critical interventions to protect your valuable investments.

In need of server room monitoring for your operation? Let’s discuss your options.


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