The clear signs your company is ready for SD-WAN

p>If you’re looking for the clear signs your company is ready for SD-WAN, we’re here to help. Moving to SD-WAN is a big endeavour, so you will want to make sure your organisation is ready for its deployment. Here are some simple scenarios that suggest you might need SD-WAN:

You need better firewalls.

SD-WAN benefits from a central policy controller. And that means you can update, upgrade and deploy the most advanced firewalls available with the click of a button. That ensures you’re always operating in the most secure framework without needing to update each device manually.

You want a mobile data backup.

Organisations are thinking in a more agile way and SD-WAN provides a perfect toolkit to deliver smart solutions. The ability to aggregate, say, a 4G backup circuit, and to combine it with a primary circuit gives an immediate increase in bandwidth at no extra cost – it’s a flexible resource that means you don’t have to commit to more fixed bandwidth at more cost.

You have several networks to merge.

If you’ve been acquired or your organisation is part of a merger, then you’ll be familiar with legacy systems. Installing an SD-WAN makes it easy to combine and manage multiple disparate networks under one central control point. And that holds true for companies in the same territory or across the globe.

You need more visibility.

Using an SD-WAN gives you more oversight. It provides a single point for monitoring and analysing traffic needs. And it helps your teams detect and respond to cyber threats faster than traditional setups. It can also help management understand the usage patterns and requirements of each user type for longer-term investment planning.

You need to free up IT team time.

SD-WAN automates many of the tasks your IT team is burdened with, freeing it to focus on the core business. With SD-WAN, you can automate WAN edge routers, conducting network traffic according to the current network status. Load balancing ensures that network resources are reallocated according to changing workload needs.

You need more bandwidth.

SD-WAN gives you more bandwidth for what you need by recognising the priority of different types of traffic. It’s smart. So, it knows to route VOIP or video call data differently from other types for optimal call quality and connectivity. In this way, it improves the day-to-day operation of your network from an end user’s perspective.

You’re moving to cloud based.

SD-WAN allows you to connect to cloud applications and services [directly] from any location without having to go through your corporate network. This means [end-users] are closer to the apps, services, and information they need. Your apps will perform better and the experience those end users have – whether they’re customers or staff – will dramatically improve as a result.

If you’re keen to explore how a move to SD-WAN could enable better connectivity, oversight, and cost-savings; let’s talk. Our team of implementation experts will help you scope your deployment in the most efficient way possible.

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