Why choose Cisco Meraki for your corporate WiFI?

The pace of business always demands a perfect connection. Any signal loss, latency or dropout could mean a reduction in profits. So, if you’re wondering “Why choose Cisco Meraki for your corporate WiFi?” The answer is simple: risk-reduction. In addition to the “lost productivity that directly results from the lack of decent WiFi, businesses also will see declining employee morale. So, to prevent that, today we’ll explore why Meraki’s suite of smart WiFi tools and security blend together to make this solution the number one choice for your business connectivity.

What is Meraki?

In short, Meraki is a cloud-based connectivity and security suite. The wide range of solutions within the Cisco Meraki portfolio includes Wi-Fi wireless access points switches and security appliances, all managed through Meraki’s web-based dashboard interface. And that means your essential IT suite can be controlled and monitored from one access point. Easy! But there are many more reasons why Meraki is the ideal choice for your corporate WiFi from remote troubleshooting to security.

Low-cost solution

Switches are the foundation of any network. Meraki’s zero-touch cloud provisioning means that there is no pre-staging required. That means you’ll have fewer operating expenditures with Meraki than with your legacy systems. And with budgets at an all-time low, now might be time to look at reducing costs. And since cloud bundles are totally scalable, you’ll never pay for more than you need. Not sure what your requirements are? Talk to an expert provider .

Remote troubleshooting

With many teams working offsite, WiFi support from a centralised and remote location is more helpful than ever before. You get “handy troubleshooting, logging, and alerting tools you might need. You can run remote cable tests, packet captures and [identify] bandwidth hogs right from the dashboard. That means you can restrict devices and traffic sources, enforce your company’s IT policies and manage your ecosystem from one access point.

Prevent data theft

Your company data is an important asset. Protect it with Meraki’s advanced security features. These include robust firewall, content filtering, advanced malware protection & an auto VPN are just a few ways your network will be protected. As well as having these security features, it offers 2-factor authentication, password policies, role-based administration & audit configuration as standard. Threat destinations & filter lists are seamlessly updated meaning your business has protection from the latest cyber threats & malicious websites.

Always-on updates

Regulations, security threats and vulnerabilities can present themselves sometimes at a moment’s notice. And if you’re not ready to respond, it could leave your network at risk. That’s why Meraki provides real-time updates that you can deploy with the click of a button. And with the cloud-based dashboard, your IT team can review and install these updates from anywhere, even remotely. And if a risk is identified, your team can quickly take steps to restrict its impact within your infrastructure or get help to do so from the world-leading Meraki support team.



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