What’s possible with an intelligent network?

Organisations should be excited about the future of networks. Networking technology that has the capability to learn, evolve and correct itself based on changing demands will shape the future of the enterprise. Autonomous networks will automatically detect and correct any errors that come across their specific system. The network is the foundation of the enterprise and when it can be automated and optimised, it will power the autonomous enterprise of the future. And we know this capability will fuel the progress of tomorrow. But how can you capture some of that now to create an intelligent network today? We explain what’s possible with an intelligent network in this 2-minute read.

Fast onboarding & management

With cloud PBX and other SaaS, quickly onboard new starters with a few clicks. Change permissions and grant access from anywhere with a console you can access on the go. Get notifications about new access requests, suspicious traffic and more. Action them in real-time to reduce the load on your IT department resources. Forget the queue systems and long days of setup, monitoring, and training. The future of networks is near-instant and it’s possible now. Talk to an implementation partner about how turnkey provisioning could help your company.

Robust security

According to IoT Now autonomous networking allows for procedures to be set in place to enhance the security of an intelligent network and all the data that passes through it. Through the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), processes can be easily implemented to automatically detect and remove anomalous activity. And you can receive and push out updates in near real-time to further protect your infrastructure from threats. Plus, if any devices are not updated, you can restrict their access to your networks until they become compliant to reduce the chance of bad actors gaining access to your systems.


Without good monitoring tools, you’re making decisions in the dark. Networks that are efficiently managed and proactively monitored have been shown to provide higher availability and have fewer critical incidents. To implement such centralised control, companies must first gain an overview of the components and data on the network. Many companies are not able to assess whether their network performance is sufficient and therefore in a good position. When you’re planning for increases in load, it helps prevent costly outages that upset and cause you to lose your loyal customers.


An intelligent network is always changing to meet the needs of the devices that interact with it. This can help you manage costs by servicing older devices with older bandwidths instead of more expensive 4G and 5G connections. This means you’re paying the lowest possible price to make a sturdy connection available to every device across 3G-5G. And your network is forecasting demands on each connection to ensure viable bandwidth in advance.

Ready to see what an intelligent network can do for your business? Talk to our team of implementation experts about your telephony and cloud infrastructure today.

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