What are leased lines?

Having access to a fast, reliable internet connection is now critical to most business operations. We rely on our connectivity to enable us to work from cloud-based apps. We need the internet to respond to email enquiries. We even need an internet connection to answer the phone.

Without a fast, reliable internet connection, your business is sure to suffer from reduced productivity. Even the smallest amount of downtime can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

What are leased lines?

A leased line makes the most of fibre optic cables to transmit a high-speed internet connection straight into your business.

Unlike traditional FTTC or FTTP lines which connect your business to the exchange, a leased line is a connection available exclusively to your business. You do not share the connection with others. This means that you can enjoy 100% of the upload and download speeds.

What are the advantages of investing in leased lines?

Businesses that rely on internet connectivity to remain operational are increasingly turning to leased line connections. This is because they have many advantages over other business broadband connections.

The main benefits of investing in leased lines

You have a better Service Level Agreement with leased lines 

With leased lines connections, you are more likely to benefit from an enhanced service level agreement (SLA).

Any network faults will be fixed quicker as your SLA will typically state that any line rentals are refunded if you experience extended periods of downtime. You are also far less likely to experience any faults when compared to typical broadband services – and any faults that do arise are fixed quickly.

They offer symmetrical bandwidth

With a leased line connection, you can guarantee that your upload and download speeds are mirrored.

This is important because traditionally, broadband connections have prioritised download speeds which can limit your ability to upload data.

If your business is working from cloud-based solutions, then you need to upload data to your cloud-based applications, send large emails or documents, answer VoIP phone calls or even make video conferencing calls seamlessly and without any disruption.

You are guaranteed fast speeds thanks to uncontended bandwidth

With a leased line, you are guaranteed fast internet speeds because you are not sharing the bandwidth with anyone else in your local area. Your internet speeds will not be affected by any ‘peak time’ usage issues.

There are no data restrictions in place

Unlike typical broadband services that may have a cap on data limits as part of their fair usage policies, businesses with leased lines can benefit from unrestricted data caps. This can be essential for large businesses who need to upload large document sizes, or those working with data-heavy software programmes.

You are in control over your leased line, which allows you to determine any data restrictions.

They are perfect for businesses working across multiple locations

Leased lines are an ideal solution for businesses working across dispersed locations – such as different offices. This is because you have greater bandwidth capabilities to cope with increased video calling and other types of communications.

It’s also an effective solution for businesses looking to implement remote working. Home PCs and laptops can connect to the line, offering greater reliable internet connectivity. You’re confident that your staff is working as productively as possible wherever they are.

Download our infographic here to find out more.

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