How does Meraki Insight support your business and IT administrators?

In its continued bid to provide powerful control with simple tools, Meraki launched its Meraki Insight product in 2018.

Designed to help IT administrators to optimise the experience of the users, Insight is the first WAN and application analytics product produced by Meraki. It’s not just users who benefit from Meraki Insight implementation, however.

The IT administrative team, and the business on a whole, will also be able to reap the rewards that come from being able to reliably manage network and application issues.

How does Meraki Insights work?

Combining deep packet inspection capabilities with a strong cloud-hosted architecture, Meraki Insight has been built to better analyse WAN traffic and server response times.

Meraki does this by inspecting both application and network layers in order to give the IT team and network administrators the chance to identify bottlenecks in performance. With the whole picture available across both of these layers, issues that that could potentially lead to a poorer user experience can be spotted and dealt with much more rapidly.

What’s more, Meraki Insight assigns each application is assigned a Performance Score. This rating is assigned based on the response time of the application, as well as payload data rate. With individual performance scores, IT teams can set thresholds by which to measure the end-user experiences of specific web applications against, meaning that priorities can easily be assigned.

Unsurprisingly, Meraki Insight brings with it full integration of the Meraki dashboard, as well as an application trends overtime monitoring feature which helps to predict when and how issues that affect end-users will occur.

Meraki Insight

What are the benefits of Meraki Insight?

Using Meraki Insight, you can seriously reduce the time it time it takes the IT team to isolate any network or application issues that may be found beyond the LAN network.

End-to-end visibility also allows you to see any and all factors that are contributing to the negative impact on the end user’s network experience. This means that the IT team ca focus on root-causes of the issues that cause users the most frequent frustrations, in turn leading to a better service being provided.

As the continued use of Meraki Insight enables a decrease in the time taken to resolve any issues, the IT team will have a greater amount of time to focus on other issues that will help to drive innovation in the business.

Finally, advanced troubleshooting makes it easier to resolve problems that can arise when working across a wide area network, connecting disparate sites together, or accessing a remote data centre.

One of the best ways of measuring the effectiveness of IT departments (and the processes they employ) is to analyse the number of IT support tickets issued, as well as the time taken to resolve them. By allowing operators to pre-empt major issues, Meraki Insight can have a direct impact on business growth, as users who experience a better network experience are more likely to act as brand ambassadors, or, at the very least, are less likely to take their custom elsewhere.

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