Hospitality technology trend predictions for 2022

The hospitality sector is extremely competitive, and this makes it essential to keep up with the very latest technology trends. Technology can help businesses to streamline their processes, reduce costs, lower staff workloads, increase revenue and improve customer experience.

Here are our top tech predictions for 2022:

  1. Internet of Things

Objects and devices that can connect to the internet and to each other – collectively called the Internet of Things – can transform venues. Whether simplifying property management and maintenance to creating greater guest engagement.

By using IoT enabled devices, venues can now track and control every aspect of their entire estate from one dashboard. This kind of overview enables properties to adopt predictive maintenance strategies. They can also regulate energy consumption and support sustainability initiatives.

  1. Guest Room Innovation

We are going to see streaming, voice activation, guest-room tablets, and food ordering tech become the norm in 2022, certainly in 5-star venues.

  1. Cyber Security

Numerous high-profile malware attacks on the hotel industry have led to hundreds of millions of guests’ data being compromised and millions of pounds of damage. The hospitality industry is being forced to get smarter about security – multilayer security, data protection, data backup and recovery and zero-trust model adoption are on the agenda in 2022.

  1. WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is 30% faster than current WiFi. Beyond enhancing the guest experience, adoption of WiFi 6 will power all the streaming, tablet and voice activated devices. With WiFi 6, your venue can leverage in-room technology to provide better service, driving positive guest reviews and facilitate repeat business. Smart thermostats, smart speakers, smart locks will all perform better with the adoption of WiFi 6.

  1. Robots in hotels and restaurants

Deploying robots in hotels and venues is a trend on the rise. Some hotels are using robots in a concierge role, others are deploying them for cleaning services such as vacuum cleaning floors and sanitising areas. 2022 will see more adoption of robots in the hospitality industry and across other sectors too.

  1. Big Data

Data has become the world’s most valuable resource. The sooner you start to mine guest data for better customer insights the better positioned your venue will be against your competitors. Data can super charge smarter marketing campaigns, guide your pricing and help capture a higher market share.

  1. Self Service

24/7 service and convenience are now part of a guest’s basic expectation. Self-service technology provides guests with the choice over which service model they prefer whilst also freeing up hotel staff to better serve those guests who have requested more hands-on engagement.

Some hotels are already making self-service check in/out more seamless using biometrics. Guests can register their fingerprints or facial features into the PMS and use their identity to automatically authenticate check out and to access rooms and other facilities.

  1. Voice Search and Voice Control

Voice search is a growing technology trend within hospitality because an increasing number of guests or customers are turning to voice search to find hotels, restaurants, and cafes. It’s worth taking the time to make sure your website and booking engine are structured so that the voice search can be used effectively.


Technology advances the hospitality industry by allowing more efficient operations and by giving guests occasions to personalise their experiences. Whilst exciting tech presents new opportunities for venues to enhance their offerings, it means the basics can’t be neglected or forgotten such as networking, structured cabling, and data security. In fact, they’re more critical than ever to ensure high performance and business resilience. If you’d like to discuss new technology or enhancing your infrastructure, talk to MLR Networks


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