Game-changing WiFi 6e available for sports venues

Not much has changed in WiFi over the last 30 years in terms of the connection spectrum available for devices in high traffic environments. We all know what it’s like to try and interact with the web at a busy location. It’s a nightmare. But now, Game-changing WiFi 6e is available for sports venues and it represents a huge leap forward.


Stadium wifi

What is WiFi 6e?

The new WiFi 6e is a band add-on for the 02.11ax (WiFi 6) standard. It’s ideal for high-volume and high-traffic connectivity locations like sports and entertainment venues. This expansion is the most recent in almost 20 years since 5GHz and is almost 3x the spectrum we have available today. So, it’s a significant leap forward.

Who can use WiFi 6e?

Basically, devices that support WiFi 6E contain hardware that makes them ready to operate in a new spectrum band, which is 6 GHz, with a new bandwidth of 1,200 MHz and a wide variety of channels. This new band adds to the ones that already had WiFi 6 (2.4 y 5GHz). So, it’s just augmenting bands your newer devices already had access to for 3x more connectivity spectrum.

What is the benefit of WiFi 6e?

First, it lets users connect without interacting with each other. It essentially divides large groups of connections into several simultaneous connectivity groups. Instead of just degrading the performance for everyone, it lets multiple data conversations happen at once. Two of the largest smartphone vendors, Apple and Samsung are now shipping products with Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, and makers of behind-the-scenes networking infrastructure are rolling out new gear that supports the standard the latest in fan experience is available now. And with the FCC looking to open up over 1 GHz of unlicensed spectrum at 6 GHz that Wi-Fi 6 is optimised to use with wider and faster 160MHz channels, the future of the mobile internet experience in arenas and stadiums is looking bright. You’ll have a lot more room on the bands that new devices can use.

Cleaner and more secure

Satellites have been using WiFi 6 for a long time now. By rolling it out to the general spectrum users, we’re benefiting from more space to connect and fewer historical devices to contend with. That’s because devices on this spectrum need to be enabled for WiFi 6. According to Cisco, Wi-Fi 6E uses the same Wi-Fi 6 protocol set while also providing a leap in [the] available spectrum. It enables Wi-Fi networks to accommodate higher densities with more channels, which translates to fewer collisions and a better user experience. Furthermore, with WPA3 standards, we have better security. And that’s important. In the very near future, more autonomous devices will connect to WiFi than human users. So, we need a strong, stable, and low-latency solution available to them to ensure peak performance.


Very soon, when you go see your favourite team play or live stream at a concert, the lag and poor connection issues of the past will simply not affect you any longer. If you’re ready to lead the charge for your sporting venue, why not talk to our helpful team of WiFi 6e implementation experts today?

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