How can Cisco Meraki deliver your hybrid work environment?

How can Cisco Meraki deliver your hybrid work environment?

If your operation is looking for an integrated WiFi, switching, security, EMM, and CCTV solution that is managed all from one platform, Meraki is a great choice. Especially if you have a mix of teams on-site and off-site, it can enable a robust hybrid workplace. And that’s important as hybrid looks to be the dominant model employees want going forward. What are the benefits for these new ways of working? We’ll break it down in this 5-minute read.

Seamless connectivity

Meraki supports always-on next-gen Wi-Fi, efficient switching, and powerful SD-WAN technologies under a single platform banner. And it’s important to get 100% super-fast network access. Without it, employees may become frustrated with their decreased productivity which can lower morale. Plus, you’ll find that your organisation simply can’t access the cost-saving SaaS in the marketplace without fast WiFi and networking. These new tools are meant to be operated on new, modern connections. So, without them, you may be missing out on timesaving and profit-generating software.

High-end online security

Cisco themselves run a hybrid model and know how important security is with this approach. They explain, “Strong cybersecurity, privacy, and trust practises that cut across all workplace technologies are an imperative to protect your business and people from online threats and risks, wherever they work. With small businesses being affected by 62% of cyberattacks that cost $1.2M on average, a lack of online defence systems can lead to devastating losses that stifle growth.” So, deployments of Meraki can help to keep your business from becoming vulnerable to emerging threats.

Layered physical security

Even though many of your team members will be off-site at any given time with a hybrid model, you still need office or plant security measures. With surveillance cameras, sensors, access restrictions, RFID key card entryway locks, secure cell phones and more; you can make sure that your operations are protected from unauthorised access, tampering and theft. It will also allow you to minimise risk by knowing who is on-site and when. This is great for preventing employee injury and burnout as well as documenting attendance under your new hybrid scheme for employee performance monitoring purposes.

Manage collaboration access

We’re using more tools than ever before. NetworkWorld reported that 80% of workers are using collaboration tools for work in 2021, up from just over half of workers in 2019. This is an increase of 44% since the pandemic began. And all those new user access points need to be managed properly by your IT department. This is easier through the single dashboard view of a cloud-based platform like Meraki. Your IT team can grant or remove access to all your collaboration tools from one single point of contact as well as deploy updates and fixes as needed.

Ready to investigate what Cisco Meraki can deliver for your hybrid work environment? Talk to our helpful team of integration professionals today.

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