MLR unveils new corporate identity

Notice something different lately?

Following several years of significant growth and change within the company culminating in our 40th anniversary and a change in shareholder, the management team thought it was time to update our brand. We wanted a new corporate identity to shine a light on who we are as a business now, baking our new identity and values into every asset, interaction and touchpoint moving forwards.

As we launched our new identity at the end of August 2022, it’s fair to say that we’ve in part achieved the goal of a new corporate look and feel. We’ve still got to complete some areas of change, but we’re getting there.

However, we wanted our new identity not to simply be a change in logo but an opportunity to reflect the business we are today – vibrant, innovative and people focused – that’s both on our fantastic employees and our beloved customers.  Our identity refresh is also a change in how we present ourselves as a company – it’s about telling our story better. Over the coming months we hope you’ll learn more about MLR’s purpose, culture, and values through our brand communications.  We want you to know what it’s like to work with MLR, or for MLR and how our culture shines through in all that we do.

MLR and all our employees are here to make life easier, more productive, rewarding and dare we say it, enjoyable, by providing robust IT solutions that people need every day to do their jobs – from ‘in the ground’ services to application management. We get to know our customers, their businesses and IT landscapes, and work with them to create solutions that genuinely transform the way they work, and we do that every day. Over the coming months, we’re going to get much better at telling our story and our customer stories.

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