Insight Guide: Why choose Ruckus for your education setting WiFi?

When investigating the many options available for WiFi at your school, Ruckus should be on your shortlist. With a host of education benefits from guest access to reduced interference, a Ruckus deployment will help bring your institution into the future state of learning.

Why do you need fast, full coverage and secure WiFi? There are a lot of reasons why your infrastructure needs to change. According to Commscope more devices are coming onto the network, stretching the limits of ageing infrastructure. 65% of international schools use live video lessons while over 40% surveyed faced significant challenges delivering distance learning through technology, such as problems with bandwidth. And the National Cyber Security Centre along with the London Grid for Learning completed research in 2019, looking into cyber security of more than 400 schools across the UK. Of the schools polled, 83% said they had experienced at least one of the types of cyber security incidents like Phishing. So, if you’re trying to deliver learning in an antiquated digital environment, it’s time to make a business case for a change.

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