The importance of connectivity to your business

The importance of connectivity to your business cannot be overstated. The vast majority of modern work is done online. And if you’re not enabling a smooth, latency-free connection; you’re damaging your workplace’s productivity. We’ll explain why connectivity matters and what you should consider in this quick read.

Always on mentality

Just a few years ago, if you had a good website, social media profiles and live chat; you were at the top of your game, perhaps even the digital leader in your sector. But all that’s changed. Your customers now have the expectation that you’re available 24/7 for their requests. So, you need to have customer-facing mobile apps, cloud applications and VoIP plus the infrastructure to securely handle requests anywhere and everywhere. Modern enterprises drive sales with inbound marketing and engage with rich, high-definition content. They live their brand values publicly through social media and use channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn to celebrate the best and shut down the worst of what’s happening, as it happens. All of this relies on a network infrastructure that can support it and as connectivity demands grow, even small businesses are finding they have substantial bandwidth requirements. If you’re not feeling the push to upgrade yet, you will soon.

Better productivity

Everything depends on the internet connection – even your office’s internal network. A slow internet connection can bog down your internal network as well as the external one. This is because if it is taking too long for your network to send information to external sites via your internet connection, it will keep trying – all the while adding to the traffic that is trying to use your internal network.  And that slowdown is making your employees wait to do their jobs. This decreases global productivity. Just think about how many wasted hours are created by even a one-minute delay in opening a cloud-based file. If you must do that 60 times a day, that’s an hour wasted. At the end of the week, that’s nearly a full extra working day of wasted time!

Happy customers & employees

Keeping connected with your customers means that they are going to appreciate you much more as a business and will feel that the customer service is so much better. Your customers and clients will expect fast, reliable communication.  When you can help them quickly and resolve issues  without added delays, they’re bound to buy more from your business. And it also means your team will be less frustrated too. In fact, when technology doesn’t work, employees leave or at least contribute to toxic work environments. With most businesses in a hiring shortage, you can’t afford to lose good team members over something as simple as better broadband. Making sure they have fast, always-on connections ensure they’ll be in the right frame of mind and have access to all the tools needed to offer great customer service too.

Ready to increase your productivity, offer the connectivity your customers require and satisfy your team? Let’s talk about how FTTP can change the game for your business.

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