Why SMEs are choosing Ruckus for switching and WiFI?

If you’re wondering why SMEs are choosing Ruckus for switching and WiFi, the short answer is simplicity. But we’ll explore what factors are restricting WiFi deployments for small and medium-sized enterprises. And we’ll explain how Ruckus works to eliminate those issues for most operations in this 2-minute read.

What issues do SMEs face with WiFi?

Bad Wi-Fi experience

No one likes slow and dodgy WiFi service. You wouldn’t tolerate it in your home and your employees won’t tolerate it at work. HR Review reports that almost three-quarters (74 per cent) of leaders of businesses saw their staff experience negative emotions towards internet outages. So, the impact of outages and slowdowns can have a real and immediate downside for your team’s productivity. With regular incidents, expect to see your staff retention rates fall as employees leave over poor working conditions.

Limited IT resources

An SME is a business with under 250 employees. For most of these organisations, IT is a limited internal function with a small budget and fewer employees than any other department. As such, it’s not uncommon for SMEs to have too few IT resources to manage a large network. And whatever WiFi system it deploys needs to have a simple, easy to use interface as management time is limited. But helping them bridge this gap and access the same tech and support as big companies is worthwhile. McKinsey states that halving the global productivity gap between SMEs and large companies would amount to about $15 trillion in corresponding value added, or roughly 7 percent of global GDP.

Budget constraints

Lastly, SMEs often struggle with maintaining cash flow. This can mean that budgets are pulled or tightened with little notice. Therefore, their Wi-Fi and switching support must be affordable. Small businesses spend around 6.9% of their revenue on information technology, while midsized businesses spend around 4.1% of their revenue on IT. For large companies, the percentage drops to 3.2%. But as that percentage drops the actual cash value increases as IT is given less of a much bigger pie to play with. So, SMEs need to support all their IT processes on a shoestring until they grow. And that includes WiFi & switching.

Why are SMEs choosing Ruckus?

Ruckus solves all these common SME WiFi & switching challenges. First, it offers a fast and reliable internet connection all the time. Then it’s quick to install in just minutes without speciality support or qualifications. And it’s easy for even small IT teams to run from a powerful interface via your browser or an app. Moreover, Ruckus is the same high-quality connection trusted by large businesses – bridging that technology gap. Lastly, it’s affordable and scalable to your needs as you grow. With Ruckus, you can keep employee productivity and staff retention high with a fast, always-on connection built for business.

If you’d like to see how Ruckus could help your business, let’s have a confidential conversation about your needs .

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