MLR partners with ITS Faster Britain

MLR partners with ITS Faster Britain

MLR is delighted to announce that we have partnered with ITS Faster Britain, allowing us to provide UK businesses with ultrafast full fibre connectivity.

What Is Faster Britain?

Faster Britain is a digital infrastructure, powered by ITS, that provides ultrafast full fibre connectivity across the UK. In the areas that Faster Britain covers, businesses will be able to benefit from full fibre gigabit connectivity that supports cloud-enabled technologies.

The government has committed to the UK having 100% Gigabit capability y 2025. Faster Britain is critically positioned to make this happen. Usually, to make full-fibre connectivity available in a new location, significant disruption to the street is needed. However, Faster Britain uses existing infrastructure which allows services to be deployed faster than competitors with minimal disruption.

How does this new relationship benefit our clients?

By partnering with Fast Britain, we can offer businesses across the UK, ultrafast full-fibre connectivity.

Ultrafast full-fibre connectivity allows your business to reach broadband speeds of up to 1gb/s. Moreover, as this type of connectivity runs only on fibre optical cables, and no copper lines are used, the connection is much more secure and reliable than standard fibre broadband. 

Where Is Faster Britain’s Network Available?

Faster Britain is rapidly expanding in areas across the UK. Speak to our team to check if your area is eligible for faster and cheaper connectivity.

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