Why WiFi is critical to education provision

In today’s teaching environment, WiFi is key to student success for several reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Mimics real life – as you leave schooling, students need WiFi to get a job, find insurance, buy home goods, manage their pensions, and file their self-assessments. Helping them get used to using the internet now, identifying safe connections and managing their data usage are all good skills to furnish learners with.
  2. Enable paperless collaboration – building useful teamwork skills is important. And modern employers are rapidly moving to paperless environments. With WiFi at your school, get students used to working within Google Docs, Office 365, Zoom and the myriad of other collaboration tools they’ll face in the real world.
  3. Improve communication – not only can you get messages out faster, but you can also get confirmation that they’ve been read with digital and WiFi-enabled tools. This means more time focused on learning and less on administrative tasks.
  4. Better teaching – WiFi-enabled rich, multimedia lessons with interactive, gamified, and fun elements delight students. This means students are more likely to engage and stay engaged with each lesson for better adoption.
  5. Improved access for teachers – Teachers also rely on mobile access to information, whether they’re accessing lesson plans in different classrooms, marking work remotely or using student management systems and software. High-performance school WiFi ensures that educators can securely access the resources they need in an agile way, with no disruption to speed or security.
  6. Inclusive learning – through internet access, learners can self-serve and tap into the 7 learning styles that students respond to as well as accommodate a range of access requirements. This helps teachers direct students towards methods that will help them perform best. And this can help them learn faster too.

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