How does a big box transform into a smart warehouse?  

And how can you operate your buildings in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner?   

The answer is: with MLR operating as your master systems integrator. From cabling to connectivity to automation, we can optimise the built environment in just a few steps.

Step one
We begin by asking one question – what do you want to achieve from your built environment. 

We believe that technical solutions should be considered from the outset, because a sustainable building requires a holistic architectural plan.  One that considers the aspects of technology alongside design and function in the planning phase and not as an afterthought.

Step two
We engage with your business from day one to understand your organisation’s goals and challenges, its unique physical environment and layout, how the facility will be used and the complex physical assets throughout that environment. From there we work towards an IT architecture that supports your ambitions now and beyond considering, implementing, and managing all elements from connectivity through to IoT device security.

Step three
The warehouse is monitored remotely. Errors are detected at an early stage and repair processes are triggered automatically, ensuring the smooth operation of your warehouse.

Step four
IoT technologies, data based serviced and rule-based algorithms enable automated processes and monitoring for reliable and efficient warehouse operations. Additional energy optimisation supports a sustainable environment.

Step five
Delivering an optimised technology platform delivers: 

  • Mobile operations to support flexible working environments
  • Proactive services which deliver significant efficiency gains in operation and maintenance
  • Robotics that increase productivity
  • Optimal room conditions to support the storage of goods 

Step six
When implementing your smart warehouse, we consider all necessary cybersecurity requirements to protect your built environment from potential attacks.

Working with MLR benefits….


We act as the conduit between all partners and stakeholders on site, taking on the role of primary systems integrator. This means that suppliers such as building contractors and automation specialists are supported to achieve optimum performance and as the client, you have a go-to partner at any time.


With a state-of-the-art high performing network supported by dedicated connectivity, we keep your systems running smoothly with built-in monitoring and alerting. We work with all parties to ensure seamless integration with other systems for a more efficient operation.


Employees experience increased productivity and efficiency with features like asset tracking. And with the adoption of monitoring sensors, our technology solutions can help maintain high indoor air quality and temperature levels 

MLR transforming big boxes into smart spaces.

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